Being a Manitoba Junior ICE player means getting the best development opportunities and a premium overall experience - which comes with perks for the player’s whole family. The following comes standard with every Manitoba Junior ICE registration.


  • Premium apparel package 2 Free Winnipeg ICE Tickets

  • 25% off all regular season 2019/2020 ICE games

  • 1 Free Skate Sharpen at Custom Edge

  • $100 off any RINK program

  • 1 Free Testify Group Fitness Class (Performance F.I.T or Yoga)

  • Exclusive invitation to the Manitoba Junior ICE V.I.H.P. Party (Very Important Hockey Player)


  • Access to 25 full time skills coaches

  • Integration with Winnipeg ICE players, coaches and scouts

  • Work with one of our 10 strength and conditioning coaches

  • Priority access to all major tournaments



What is the relationship between the Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey Program and the Manitoba Mustangs and Spring Manitoba Hockey Development (SMHD)? 


Both the Manitoba Mustangs and SMHD have been combined into the Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey Program.  All teams that existed prior - including Team Brick Manitoba and Manitoba Team Xtreme - will continue to operate as part of the Manitoba Junior ICE program.


What level of hockey are the Manitoba Junior ICE teams?

Manitoba Junior ICE has teams for male and female players aged 6-13.  Within these teams, there are development opportunities at all levels of hockey.

How do I register for the Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey Program?

Go to and select register now! Following registration you will receive a communication from a member of our team that will let you know when your ID skate will be held.

What is included in spring hockey registration?

Your fees include tournaments, practice ice, jerseys, an apparel package, insurance, coaching staff and player development.

What benefits exist for Manitoba Junior ICE participants?

As part of the 50 Below Sports + Entertainment family, Manitoba Junior ICE participants will receive a wide variety of benefits and value including:

  • Discounted skate sharpening at Custom Edge (located in the RINK Training Centre)

  • Apparel

  • RINK player and goalie development programming 

  • Testify Performance training 

  • Ticket offers for Winnipeg ICE, Winnipeg Blues and other events

What is the cost?

Depending on the level of your child’s involvement and the team your child is participating on, the registration fees will vary. There are a variety of options for participants.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, participants will have a variety of options for payment. Please contact for more details.


How many coaches are part of the Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey Program?


Each team will have a head coach, two assistant coaches and access to other development options including skills coaches, goalie coaches, and off-ice training.


How are the teams picked?


The Manitoba Junior ICE will host ID skates, some of which have already started. After the ID skates are completed, coaches and evaluators will form the teams. 


If you have already registered, a Manitoba Junior ICE team member will contact you.


If you have not registered, it is not too late but please do so as soon as possible by clicking here.


Where will teams practice?


The location for practices and training will take place throughout the City of Winnipeg, including the new RINK Training Centre at 57 South Landing Drive.


When does the program start?


The Manitoba Junior ICE program officially starts at the beginning of spring, however optional player development sessions will be available year round.


How do I contact the Manitoba Junior ICE Program?


You can contact our staff at or by submitting the form below.


Please direct all inquiries to, or fill in the form below.
Rhys van Kemenade

Manitoba Junior ICE Spring Hockey Program is owned by 50 Below Sports + Entertainment.